Eurpoean League of Football - Team Map

Die Teams

  • Istanbul Rams

    Istanbul Rams

    Last Record: 9:0 (TAFL)

    HC: Val Gunn

    QB: ?

    Player to Watch: Jalen Conwell (WR, RB)

  • Rhein Fire

    Rhein Fire

    Last Record: 4:6 (NFLE)

    HC: Erol Seval 

    QB: ?

    Player to Watch: ?

  • Swarco Raiders

    Swarco Raiders

    Last Record: 5-3 (AFL)

    HC: Kevin Herron

    QB: Sean Shelton

    Player to Watch: Nicolas Melcher (DL)

  • Vienna Vikings

    Vienna Vikings

    Last Record: 7-1 (AFL)

    HC: Chris Calaycay 

    QB: Eystin Salum

    Player to Watch: Daniel Schwam (WR)

  • Berlin Thunder

    Berlin Thunder

    Last Record: 3-7

    HC: Johnny Schmuck

    QB: Bryan Zerbe

    Player to Watch: Jocques Crawford (RB)

  • Hamburg Sea Devils

    Hamburg Sea Devils

    Last Record: 8-4

    HC: Andreas Nommensen 

    QB: Jadrian Clark

    Player to Watch: Adrian Botella-Moreno (TE) 

  • Leipzig Kings

    Leipzig Kings

    Last Record: 5-5

    HC: Fred Armstrong  

    QB: Micheal Birdsong

    Player to Watch: ?

  • Wroclaw Panthers

    Wroclaw Panthers

    Last Record: 6-5

    HC: Jakub Samel

    QB: Luka O´Connor

    Player to Watch: Darius Robinson (DB)

  • Barcelona Dragons

    Barcelona Dragons

    Last Record: 3-7

    HC: Adam Rita (retired)

    QB: Zach Edwards

    Player to Watch: Giorgio Tavecchio (K)

  • Cologne Centurions

    Cologne Centurions

    Last Record: 5-6

    HC: Frank Roser

    QB: Jan Weinreich

    Player to Watch: Madre London (RB)

  • Frankfurt Galaxy

    Frankfurt Galaxy

    Last Record: 11-1

    HC: Thomas Kösling

    QB: Jakeb Sullivan

    Player to Watch: Marvin Rutsch (WR)

  • Stuttgart Surge

    Stuttgart Surge

    Last Record: 2-8

    HC: Martin Hanselmann

    QB: Aaron Ellis

    Player to Watch: Marcel Dabo (DB)

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